BILD Membership FAQs - Toronto Home Shows

May 1, 2014

BILD Membership FAQs - Toronto Home Shows

Since 1954, BILD has been a partner in the home show business. Over this time, we have had several partners, each with the expertise that managed the daily running of the shows. MPE and BILD, co-owners of the Toronto home shows, have recently come to an agreement whereby BILD will purchase MPE's share of the shows.  When the transaction closes, BILD will own 100 per cent of the National Home Show, GTA Home Show and Toronto Fall Home Show.

Q: How did this deal transpire?

A: The current agreement with MPE was coming to an end in 2015 and both sides agreed that single ownership was in the best interest of the shows and its employees. The BILD board, its legal team, along with senior BILD staff, worked diligently to ensure the acquisition was done in the best interests of the Association. The acquisition process has clearly proven that BILD has the leadership, passion and commitment to take on the added responsibility and continue the tradition of producing some of the world's best home shows.

Q: What does this mean for BILD?

A: This is an exciting time but, more importantly, this is a strategic acquisition for BILD and a bold move that positions the Association well for the future. It is a financially sound decision that will afford BILD the resources to give high level of service to our growing membership. With full ownership, BILD now has an excellent opportunity to expand its operations and build on its 93-year-old legacy.


  • The home show business represented a healthy non-dues revenue stream. 
  • This non-dues revenue enables BILD to deliver a high level of member service

The future:

  • BILD will be the driving force for the shows moving forward but we will learn to walk before we run.
  • Tremendous opportunity to raise and enhance BILD's profile with key audiences: consumer, industry, media and government.
  • Opportunity to build, showcase and leverage our industry "champions" as referenced in BILD's Strategic Plan.
  • Ability to tap into and carry out market research under the auspices of the shows (onsite, web, etc.).
  • Expand and grow BILD membership. 
  • Increase visibility and profile of the RenoMark brand.
  • Explore and leverage the market intelligence these new BILD team members bring with them.
  • Enable BILD to be in a position to meet future demands and member needs.

Q:  How will the transition work?

A: BILD is retaining the entire 12-person show team that will continue to run the shows as in the past.  Until May 30, the show team will remain employees of MPE.  The agreement closes on May 30 and all Toronto home show staffers will become employees of BILD.  MPE will help to manage the shows and the staff through December 31, 2014.

Q: Where will show staff be working once they become BILD employees?

A: For the time being, the show team will continue to work out of the MPE offices. At some point before December 31, 2014, the show team will be relocated to the BILD office.

Q. What does this mean for current BILD staff?

A: Initially there will be little change for BILD staff. The shows will be managed by this experienced group. It will be business as usual on all matters relating to the shows and all member inquiries about exhibiting, sponsorship, etc., will be referred to the show team.  We will be undertaking some renovations to accommodate the new staff so we expect some inconvenience. 

Q: Who will the new staff report to?

A: All staff will continue to report to the same person they report to now.  During the transition period, BILD will conduct a search for someone to take over the role of the senior manager of the show teams.

Denise Hayward, Tina Holmes, Sarah Han, Ricki Black, Barbara Cohen, Kelly Haney, Neal Canizares, Mellisa McQuillan, Ashburn Morgan, Cristina Barbosa and Moses Vanderburgh.

Q: How will our exhibitors/sponsors/vendors be notified of the change?

A: Our key industry stakeholders, members, media and the general public have been informed of the new leadership structure as part of an internal and external communications plan.

Q. Does anything change for exhibitors/sponsors/vendors in relation to the shows?

A. The shows will continue to be run as usual while the transition is underway. It will be business as usual on all matters relating to the shows and all member inquiries about exhibiting, sponsorship, etc., will be referred to the show team.

For more information on the National Home Show or GTA Home Show, please contact show manager Denise Hayward at 416.644.5418 or

For more information on the Toronto Fall Home Show, please contact manager Tina Holmes at 416.644.5420 or

Contracts already signed for the 2014 Toronto Fall Home Show or the 2015 National Home Show remain valid. Existing policies, procedures and practices in all elements of Home Shows will remain the same. BILD will need time to experience the daily ins and outs before contemplating any substantive adjustments to this business opportunity.