Feb. 19, 2004 - Builders Backing Board of Trade

January 17, 2005

February 19, 2004

Builders backing Board of Trade
Reinvest in Toronto to ensure prosperity

TORONTO – Wealth generated in Toronto helps keep Ontario and Canada prosperous, but the senior governments are failing to reinvest enough here to guarantee a rosy future for all Canadians.

To add its voice to the call for federal and provincial reinvestment in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Home Builders’ Association has signed on as a partner in the Toronto Board of Trade’s “Enough of NOT Enough” campaign.

“We share in the belief that the federal and provincial governments must reinvest more in Toronto,” says GTHBA president Mark Parsons. “The senior governments collect some $9 billion a year more from Toronto than they deliver in services in Toronto,” Parsons added.

“We like the idea that Toronto can prosper not by demanding new taxes, but a fairer distribution of existing revenue,” said Parsons. “We’re losing our global competitiveness, seeing our quality of life deteriorate, and falling further and further behind. Yet, all we need is a fairer distribution of the revenue generated here.”

Residential construction is a leading job provider in the Greater Toronto Area and contributes billions each year to both of the senior governments.

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Suzanna Cohen
Director of Communications
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Executive Vice President