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January 19, 2005

Building Foundations

"As long as the construction industry remains vigorous, the overall economy
will be sustained and workers and their families will reap the rewards."

The Ontario construction industry is larger than auto parts and auto assembly combined (226,961 construction jobs versus 161,398 jobs in transportation equipment industry last year). In fact, construction accounts for almost 6 per cent of all jobs in the GTA and construction wages are 16 per cent higher than wages in all other industries.

Construction represents 7.56 per cent of Ontario's total GDP and 9.52 per cent of Canada's total GDP. Residential construction alone accounts for 5.44 per cent of provincial GDP and 5.34 per cent of national GDP.
 Building new homes and renovating existing homes throughout the GTA creates jobs, produces tax revenues and spurs spending that all Canadians enjoy a prosperous lifestyle.

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