Powerhouse Industry pg 2

January 19, 2005

Building An Industry

"As long as the residential construction industry in the GTA remains
a powerhouse, Toronto, Ontario and Canada will enjoy strong growth
in jobs, wages and tax revenue."

Powerhouse industry pg imageThe continued success of the residential construction industry in the Greater Toronto Area is the foundation of our robust local economy. It also contributes significantly to the provincial and national economies, bring prosperity and a high quality of life to all Canadians.

The construction of every new home creates the equivalent of 3.3 full-time jobs for one year. Many of these jobs take place well away from construction sites, in plants where construction materials, appliances and furniture are manufactured, and in the offices of urban planners, architects, and engineers.

These jobs are seldom credited to the construction industry, but they depend upon our success. The taxes that these employees pay and the economic activity that they generate through their spending extends the benefits from home building and renovations even further afield.

 New home construction creates thousands of jobs well away from the construction site.

Building materials and equipment used during construction plus furnishings and finishes applied later are all manufactured all over the GTA.