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January 19, 2005


Powerhouse welcome page image Did you know that when you buy a new home you're contributing to the well being of your city, province and the entire country?  Pretty heady stuff isn't it? That makes you and your new home important to a lot of people.

For example the construction of a single home creates the equivalent of 3.3 jobs for a full year. Because five out of six jobs created in residential construction take place away from the building site, we consider the residential construction sector to be an invisible giant when it comes to job creation.

The Canadian economy is strengthened by the taxes paid to all levels of government during all stages of home construction, and through ongoing property taxes and  other taxes paid by those who earn their living in our industry. Individuals and families benefit from the financial and social security that comes from home ownership.

To learn more about the impact the residential construction industry please click here or use the links above.