Powerhouse environment pg 6

January 19, 2005

Building Environment

 "As long as we have an adequate supply of land, we will continue to build affordable
housing, sales will remain strong, and more and more people will realize their dream
of home ownership."

Powerhouse environment pg 6 imageThe residential construction industry has been responsive to public concerns about the environment and to government concerns over growth management. Whether it is urban infill construction or suburban development, we try to respond to Smart Growth principles and try to contribute to community building that does not further urban sprawl.

For instance, new communities in the GTA are more dense today than they have been in 50 years preserving farmland and greenlands outside urban boundaries. Indeed, the GTA is one of the most compact and dense metropolitan areas in North America.

Within the GTA, we have the highest proportion of people living within the urbanized areas among metropolitan areas in Canada and the Unites States. We also have the highest proportion of high-rise housing in any metropolitan area in either country.

Even in the suburban GTA, freehold housing lots are less than half of the median size of lots in most U.S. metropolitan areas. The central city of Toronto continues to absorb a large percentage of new homes build in the GTA (more than one-quarter since 1991). This shows the success of intensification and directly combats urban sprawl.