Construction site inspections begin April 16

April 15, 2021

The Ontario government has announced it will begin targeted provincewide inspections of construction sites tomorrow, Friday, April 16. Workplace inspectors, supported by provincial offenses officers, will visit 1,300 construction sites to enforce safety requirements. See full news release.

Inspectors will be checking that employers understand the risks associated with COVID-19, including how to reduce the spread in their workplace, and that measures and procedures are in place to keep workers safe.

They will also be ensuring that workers are practicing safe work habits both on the clock and on breaks, checking for physical distancing and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment when required.

We remind members that our industry’s ability to be designated as an essential workplace hinges on our collective strict adherence to provincial requirements. We strongly urge all BILD member companies to revisit their COVID-19 protocols and take all necessary steps to protect workers, clients and members of the public. As a reminder, the Ontario government website has guidance for construction site health and safety

If you have questions, please contact Dave Wilkes.