Extension of Temporary Legislative Amendments Related to Virtual Meetings


April 6, 2021

The Government of Ontario has made regulatory amendments under the Business Corporations Act (OBCA), Corporations Act (CA), Co-operative Corporations Act (CCA) and Condominium Act, 1998 (Condo Act) that extend the effective period of temporary legislative provisions permitting corporations governed under these statutes to call and hold meetings virtually, as applicable, notwithstanding certain restrictions or requirements. The effective period of these temporary legislative provisions has now been extended to end on December 31, 2021.


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Businesses and organizations need to adhere to the measures that have been put in place to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Providing corporations governed under these statutes with the flexibility to host annual meetings and other meetings of significance virtually despite certain requirements or restrictions is intended to help these corporations safely meet their obligations during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.


Questions about the extension of the effective period of the temporary legislative provisions related to virtual meetings can be directed to OnCondo@ontario.ca and BusinessLawPolicy@ontario.ca.


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