Government posts updated regulation for residential construction under COVID-19

Feb. 10, 2021

As a follow-up to BILD's email on Monday outlining the provincial government's plans to revert to the COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open and permit residential construction, please be advised that yesterday the government posted O. Reg. 100/21.

This regulation provides clarity that all residential construction activity—low-rise, high-rise and renovations—may continue in both “shutdown” and “lockdown” situations across the province. As indicated in the previous communication, the regulation takes effect today, Wednesday, Feb. 10.

“Shutdown” refers to the one-week delay in some regions, and the two-week delay for Toronto, Peel and York, and “lockdown” refers to those public health units that are defined as grey zones under the COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open

In addition, the guidance was published in CODENEWS from the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH). MMAH will be providing a technical briefing tomorrow, and we will post any additional guidance and information to the Member Resources during COVID-19 section of BILD’s website.

While case counts and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 are on the decline, members are reminded of the responsibilities that come with essential workplace designation, and are encouraged to continue to take all steps to ensure their COVID-19 protocols are maintained to the highest possible levels. This is especially important given the rise in more virulent COVID-19 strains being seen across the province. Members are asked to refer to the provincial government's updated health and safety guidelines for the construction industry

Should you have any questions or need more information, please contact Justin Sherwood, Paula Tenuta or Dave Wilkes.