• Leading Through Change Webinar

  • calWednesday, April 29, 2020
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 -  Teresa Quinlan, a Transformation Specialist through Emotional Intelligence

As businesses and employers, we are facing a time of unprecedented change, accompanied by ambiguity, doubt, and uncertainty. No doubt you are asking yourself questions like:


•         How are my employees coping with working from home? How can I help them navigate the technology and ensure quality work is completed?
•         How do we keep clients happy and help purchasers concerned about when they will be able to move into their homes?
•         Why are some people freaking out and others just riding the wave?
•         Am I and my family going to be okay?

It’s an emotional roller coaster. That’s where Emotional Intelligence, EQ, comes in handy. EQ often matters more than IQ because the skills in EQ arm us with emotional self-awareness.

In this webinar session with Teresa Quinlan, a Transformation Specialist through Emotional Intelligence, you will learn to use the skills of emotional intelligence to assess what you are feeling and why, communicate clearly, balance empathy with assertiveness and solve problems creatively.

You’ll learn how emotional intelligence skills relate to managing through change brought on by things outside our control, are needed for us to lead through difficult circumstances, thereby leading ourselves and our people to great success.