• Leadership EQi Training: Time Management and Productivity

  • calWednesday, June 17, 2020
  • clocck 11:30 AM - 01:00 PM
  • location Zoom Meeting



TOPIC: Time Management, Prioritization, Delegation and Productivity

TRAINER: Teresa Quinlan


 - BILD Members, $20
 - Non-Members, $100

Just like physical exercise helps to keep us alert, balanced and at our best, mental and emotional training will strengthen and grow your leadership skill set.

Getting things done needs to be stress free for it to be masterful. And most often, productivity is under high stakes and high risks, making low stress often difficult. Delegation and prioritization aren’t much easier, and when a leader is incapable of these two things, time is not managed well. Tasks stack up. Stress mounts.

In this session we will leverage the EI skills of independence, self-actualization, and the realm of stress management in order to gain back hours of productivity by getting out of our own way and learning how to manage interruptions, prioritize work, delegate by knowing our teams strengths, and operating at lower levels of stress for higher levels of performance. Participants will learn how to measure the ROI of their improved time management, delegation, prioritization and productivity skills.

About the Trainer:
Teresa Quinlan is a Transformation Specialist through Emotional Intelligence, EQi-Coach, speaker and consultant. With over 20 years in learning and development, Teresa holds multiple certifications in learning including: mental health first aid, EQI practitioner, adult eLearning, crucial accountability vital smarts and more.She focuses on evolving the behaviours that result in the highest level of personal and professional success. You can learn more about Teresa on her blog or videos.