• Make a plan for your business Webinar

  • calTuesday, April 14, 2020
  • clocck 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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Make a Plan for Your Business

By Steve Ryan, MMI Professionals and & Jennifer Lucier, BDO Canada LLP

The current COVID-19 Emergency calls for rapid but coordinated response from any business. The critical thing for owners / managers in their emergency response is to do the right things in the right order. Take the time to plan so that you address the most immediate issues first, proceed with realistic objectives and prepare for recovery when the time comes.

This eleven-part webinar series will help you understand the critical tasks you need to address in your business. This session will provide you with the first-high level overview of everything you should be considering.


• Where do you start?
• Step-by-step guide for making a business plan

Important topics

• Make a Plan for Your Business
• Human Resources
• Client Management
• Financial Management
• Marketing
• Contracts Law
• Manage your sites
• Capitalize Your Downtime

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