• Net Zero Webinar: How Municipalities Can Enable Net-Zero Construction

  • calTuesday, June 4, 2019
  • clocck 01:30 PM - 02:30 PM
  • location Webinar



Net Zero Webinar
How Municipalities Can Enable Net-Zero Construction
(A feasibility study in 4 cities over 8 sites, funded by FCM/GMF)

June 4th at 1:30 ET

This webinar features lessons from the trenches of real projects. Four cities partnered with FCM/GMF to assess 8 project sites for technical feasibility (how to build net-zero neighbourhoods in 8 cases), financial feasibility (ie: how to fund it), and process feasibility (ie: how to get a permit). The participating cities all hosted mock-trial approvals processes and reported all the lessons learned. This webinar will cover the outcomes. (Find the report here.)

Some key things that you’ll hear more about in this webinar:
• Technologies that enabled Net-Zero neighbourhood design in each of the 8 case studies;
• Policies that work for enabling solar and district energy;
• Incentives that are self-funding, which municipalities can actually afford, and which are actually helpful to builders.
• Template legislation enabling net-zero energy systems and incentives which municipalities can adapt and adopt right now – ready for implementation.

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