Vaccination rollout phase 2; Toronto, Peel move to the Grey Zone

March 5, 2021

This afternoon, Premier Doug Ford and General Rick Hillier (Retired) provided an update on the province’s COVID-19 vaccination plan. In addition, BILD staff participated in a post-briefing with the COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force coordinated by the office of the Solicitor General.
As announced today, the Province is adjusting its vaccination schedule due to the approval of two new vaccines, increased vaccine availability, the ramping up of vaccination capacity by public health units and new guidelines for administering second doses.
As part of this announcement, the government indicated that the timeline for vaccinating all Ontarians would be accelerated, with the intention of vaccinating all people over 60 in phase 2, which will conclude in June. At the tail end of that phase, workers who cannot work from home will be eligible for vaccines, and this is anticipated to include construction workers. BILD is currently confirming this designation and will update members once received.
Also please note that in changes announced today, Toronto and the Region of Peel will move into the Grey Zone as of 12:01 a.m. on Monday, March 8.  
With Peel and Toronto moving from lockdown to Grey Zone, all regions within the GTA have moved out of lockdown and consequently all residential and commercial construction can proceed. The relevant language is set out in section 40 of the province's framework in O.Reg. 96/21 RULES FOR AREAS IN STAGE 1.
Further updates will follow as more information becomes available. Members can access the latest COVID-19 information on the BILD website.