Just like physical exercise helps to keep us alert, balanced and at our best, mental and emotional training will strengthen and grow your leadership skill set.

This 4-week webinar training series will cover leadership EQi fundamentals, handling conflict and difficult conversations, coaching, giving feedback, and building dynamic and high-functioning teams.

Cost per webinar: $100

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Coaching, Giving and Receiving FeedbacK

Any great leader is worth their weight in their ability to leverage the strengths and talents of each individual they have the privilege of leading.

Coaching requires 6 key emotional intelligence skills to be firing on all cylinders. In this session, we will dive into the collective use of self-actualization, empathy, reality testing, interpersonal relationships, assertiveness, and emotional self-awareness to advance our leadership skill of coaching.

Included in this session is the art of giving and receiving feedback. Feedback is a critical skill for every leader and most are unproductive in this arena. The most common errors are giving feedback ‘formally’ within our prescriptive authority as the manager, providing sandwich feedback (good-bad-good), and sticking to feedback at only certain times of the year (surprise! performance review!). This session will challenge the status quo of old thinking and behaviours for feedback by expanding our personal views on how individuals grow, our capacity to lead effectively by focusing on strength-based feedback just as often, if not more often than weakness based feedback, and creating a culture of feedback the entire team/organization is a part of.

Building dynamic and high-functioning teams

Wolf Pack Mentality versus Micromanaging.

Dynamic and high functioning teams need an alpha. An alpha manager needs to understand the big picture. Needs the skills of critical and strategic thinking. Needs to know the strengths of every individual on the team. Leading people is messy and challenging and is not for the faint of heart. This session focuses on exploiting the behaviours and skills of the alpha wolf in our workplaces and teams.

We will explore the combination of self-regard, emotional self-awareness, stress tolerance, flexibility, assertiveness, social responsibility, and problem-solving in this action-packed, hyper-cognitive fuelled session on building a dynamic team and orchestrating the highest possible levels of performance

Accountability and difficult conversations

Conflict resolution and conflict management are two of the most avoided leadership responsibilities. It isn’t that people don’t have the stomach for conflict, it’s that they lack the skills.

The first step in developing the capacity for leaning into difficult conversations is changing one’s identity ‘container’. Leaders who lack in this area often have limiting beliefs of who they are. These limiting beliefs then negatively impact one’s ability to ‘do’ accountability and lean into difficult conversations related to performance, behaviour, expectations.

In this session, participants will be guided through their own limiting self-beliefs, will alter their sub-conscious training to focus on their strengths, and will learn to dial-up their skills in assertiveness, empathy, reality testing, optimism, and interpersonal relationships.

Leadership, Management Styles and Authenticity

This session is focused on Authenticity and exploring the emotional intelligence skills of Self-Actualization, Reality Testing, Self-Regard, Emotional Self-Awareness, Social Responsibility, and Independence.

Application to leadership will occur in exercises focused on identifying one’s life core values, one’s ‘centered’ management style, including natural tendencies in management and the necessity to grow a deep leadership toolbox of skills, one’s management philosophy, managing across generations, and having a transparent approach in management that commands esteem.